Wedding Sangeet Choreography

The wedding dance events team at FANTEZY is known for its choreography, timeliness and for its ability to prepare dance based on the individual. Whether it’s your parents,grandparents or cousins, we know what will suit who. We have received EXCELLENT reviews for our services. We have backdrop dancers, contacts of few good emcees and some of Delhi’s most respected choreographers. Whether it’s classical,Bollywood, western, couple, Latin or folk, we can get you to perform it all. Leave the medley creation to us and we’ll help you with the songs also.

  1. Bride and groom couple dance
  2. Solo dance performance
  3. Multiple couples together
  4. Girls only group dancing
  5. Boys only group dancing
  6. Girls and boys mixed dance groups
  7. Parents, aunts and uncles combined dance performances
  8. Grandparents couple dancing
  • Lead Couple’s Dance – The bride and groom are the main focus and our choreography is centred around making the couple look elegant.
  • Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, Friends and Grand-parents-Complete family dance choreography
  • Professional dance troupe by Delhi Dance Academy to provide dance backdrops or to fill up the stage or assist with your dance performance.
  • Scripting the event, making a story-line and preparing performances in order of the bride’s or groom’s story’s progression.
  • Interviewing family members/recording rehearsal footage to create brilliant filler videos which are played between performances, creating joke scripts and providing anchors to make the show entertaining. Packages start at Rs 50,000.

Want happier/fitter employees? You Have arrived at the right place

No other group activity compares to the sheer delight, adrenalin rush and interactivity that dance brings. Many top companies in Delhi/NCR have incorporated Fantezy’s corporate dance services in their annual wellness programs. Whether in the form of regular dance/fitness classes, one-time crowd enthralling workshops, annual day choreography, dance troupe in Delhi performances to entertain large audiences or fun day-out dance activities – Fantezy has a dance product to suit every corporate need.We invite you to discover dance and fitness to achieve employee satisfaction, engagement and entertainment. This page will give you examples and an introduction to using dance and fitness to achieve higher staff satisfaction.

Dance can be used in a number of ways to help companies achieve employee retention, team building, increased cohesiveness, increased cooperation and in turn, higher levels of productivity. There are various forms of dance that can be used together in combination or individually to provide workshops to a group of people to help them know each other better, form friendships and have a lot of fun while at work, at events or day outings!



We conduct either a one time workshop or regular classes to keep the company’s staff fit. Studies have shown that staff undergoing a regular fitness regime has a generally higher level of attendance and happiness at work. The fitness workouts that we provide are Zumba, Yoga, Gymnastic, Self defence & bollyfit.


Dance is one of the best tools for team building, increasing team cohesiveness. With a well-chosen dance workshop, an office full of strangers can convert into a new office full of friends. If the Male: Female ratio of the staff is roughly equal, you can choose from Ballroom dance styles like the Salsa, Bachata from the Dominican Republic or Cuban Cha Cha Cha.If not looking for couples’ dance activities or if the Male: Female ratio is uneven, then you can choose from our Indian dance forms like Bollywood, Bhangra,Garbha/Dandiya or Western Hip Hop, Contemporary and Jazz dance forms.


We’ve helped various companies celebrate annual and other important days by teaching staff members. Whatever the requirement from Indian folk/classical to jazz, social dance, Bollywood or hip-hop, we have expert choreographers in every genre. We’ve received excellent feedback from CAPEGEMINI , BSF HALF MARATHON 2017 , HERO MOTOCROP.


If you want sit-down entertainment for an event, we have FANTEZY’S finest dance crew. With FANTEZY you’ll be provided with a host of videos and wide concepts to choose from.


We provide the best sound systems to make your events cheerful and memorable.


Choose the choice of your light and LEDs that you want for any event you organize. 


An event is just incomplete without food. We offer the best catering services for any of your event.


Any theme related and customised decoration available with our best hands on it.